Friday, 16 April 2010

Earth Week!

Next Thursday -  the 22nd April - is Earth Day.  To help celebrate the event and get us all looking through a "green" lens I'll be featuring earth friendly products here on the blog every day through to the 22nd.

As well as that I'm taking part in the Trashion Team Earth Week Sale. If aren't familar with the Trashion Team on Etsy they are a group of artists that create art, jewelry, fashion and objects for the home from materials that were leftover, discarded, or found.  Eco artist meets neat earth friendly concept meets imagination, flair and talent = wonderful creations that make the mind boggle at the thought of how they could have ended up in a landfill!

So to start us off I'm going to be a tease and tickle your fancy by showing you just a couple of items from two of the Trashion Team members.  More will follow over the course of the week - so stay tuned!

First up I want to introduce the sublime and poignant Emmaa Spirit from the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory fire

Not only is Emmaa's creator Leslie a gifted artist but she also has a real flair for poetry that certainly hits the spot!  I cried when I read Emmaa's story and for a doll to evoke such emotion in me is rare.  But then Emmaa is unique. I'm loathe to say anything more about her simply because I can't possibly do her justice - and the only way to really appreciate this work of art is to go see her yourselves at Leslies shop the Creative Block (and I suggest you have a kleenex at hand!).  Leslie is offering free shipping with any other item on anything with the Trashion Sale avatar in the listing photo's.  Plus she has an ongoing Treasure Hunt in her Findings shop free to the first person who reads the description and finds the notice!

Wow! After Emmaa I think we need to lighten the mood and so it is my pleasure to introduce yet another doll ... but of a slightly different variety! ;)

Sure to add some glamor and be a great talking point at any dinner party I'd like you to meet this sassy lady who adorns a Blue Slumped Wine Bottle Cheese Plate:  

Just one of many lovely fused glass creations she comes to you courtesy of another artist whose work I have admired for a long time, the lovely Beth from bprdesigns. AND you can get 10% of your very own slumped glass plate this week during the Trashion Sale. Now aren't you glad you stopped by :)

Stay safe and well my friends and see you tomorrow for a bigger selection of earth friendly creations and wonderful artists.


  1. Yeah for Earth Day! And thanks so much for including my wine bottle plate. :)

  2. You're welcome Beth! Just the thing for cheese and grapes - yum!


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