Friday, 12 March 2010

My very own designer skin cream!

I am so excited!  A wonderful herbal mistress, and dedicated social activist, from the Etsy Organic Team has been toiling away this past while making me up what promises to be a wonderfully lush therapeutic skin cream. And today MisticalAcScents contacted me to let me know it's ready!  

This is sheer luxury in a jar!  Gourmet face food worthy of a 3-star Michelin ranking (if Michelin ranked body care products that is).  Check out these organic essential oils in it: frankincense, lavender, rose, with hints of ginger, rosemary, lemon and orange. I bet you're drooling.

I'm delighted! And tickled pink that the cream is named after me - imagine little ole me having such a great product bearing my name.  So yeah there are lots of Maura's out there but you know what I mean. And the great thing is that MisticalAcScents is open to creating custom orders ... so if you're lucky you could even get your own personalized product.

Why not go visit MisticalAcScents and check out her wonderful shop, which is choc full of other great organic treats, for yourself.  You won't be disappointed.


  1. frankincense -> drool
    lavender -> drool
    rosemary -> drool
    lemon ->drool
    yep, think you hit it on the head there Maura, major drooling session going on :)
    heading off to check out this drool fest shop ;)

  2. omg do you wear it or EAT it?! That sounds yummy!

  3. Hi! That's wonderful and how awesome that it's got your name on it! :)

  4. What a wonderful combination of ingredients. LOL Ruby asked if you wear it or eat it. Good question cause it does sound yummy.

  5. It looks and sounds just so yummy - keep me away from the cream, or I dip my finger into it to try it, lol.


  6. Wow, sounds wonderful! Will check out her shop! Thanks.