Friday, 28 January 2011

Change is in the Air

Spring is on it's way and the days are getting longer and my energy levels are climbing which is all good! Plus we had an unusually bright winter here this year aka not so much rain or overcast skies.

There have been lots of things happen since I last posted  and not always the best of things - but it's a new year and new challenges and I'm gearing up to meet them head on!

Today I have spent an age trying to figure more of my way around Artfire and my new shop there.  Well it's not exactly new - opened it in '08 - but had never done anything with it.  But as Etsy continues to roll out changes I decided it was time to merge items from different shops and set them out in my Artfire Studio

I will be keeping a presence on Etsy but that will be for vintage only and my other newish shop irishbounty. So far it has been going ok - slow but steady.

Anyway that brings me to this long neglected blog and I haven't managed to figure out yet if I can change the url to match the blog name.  So any techie minded peeps who happen across this in the wilderness of the www and know the answer please feel free to write me.  Just bear in mind that when it comes to tech speak I am illiterate - truly madly deeply! 

I never make new year resolutions - am terrible at being confined to keep promises - even self enforced ones.  But I am going to try and maintain this blog better - maybe once a week posts cos I think everyday will be a struggle to think of something semi witty to write about.  But you never know!  Maybe the wit angels will visit and sprinkle some sparkling wit on me and then I might never shut up!

So if you have time to take a peek at the new shops and see what you think that would be great.  << I'm also working on my aversion to self promotion but promise not to become an in your face look at me person :) Feel free to give me a sharp smack on the head and tell me to catch myself on if I do! (The Irish peeps will know that expression but for those that don't it's like wise up or get a grip)

Well that's all for today other than to let you know the Card Makers Guild I joined on Artfire are having a huge giveaway that I thought you might be interested in. Good luck if you take part!

Slan for now!