Wednesday, 23 September 2009

Yeah for recycling ... and vintage!

Today I got a new super duper sewing machine - thanks mom!  This is the first time I have had a new machine and it has - wait for it - 33 twin needle stitches including overlock!  I'm estatic.  My other 2 machines are a 1950's brute that is a work horse but hernia inducing - can a machine be made out of lead? And a newer circa 1980's model which weighs marginally less but has a disposition to chew thread. But it did zigzag which made me very happy.  Yes.  I am easy pleased.

So my re-use, re-cycle, re-purpose master plan is about to evolve.  Houston we have lift off! 

I would so love if I could design and create totally with organic hemp (the best fabric out there for ticking all the green, organic, ethical boxes),  wild silk ( ok not as sumptious as muga silk but the silkworms get to stay alive) and organic cotton ... but for now the fabrics will be re-using, re-cycling, re-purposing what is already here.

That means of course that you can expect to see lots more of my embellishments fetish as I weave lovely vintage bits and pieces, like the gorgeous vintage buttons I received in the mail today from the irrepressible and delectable bohemienne -, into my creations.  Oh and you really should make sure to check out her other shop with all her gorgeous handmade lovelies

Aren't the buttons brilliant?!

Monday, 21 September 2009

A lil bit of silliness ...

Today has been a mixed bag of stuff. First thing I got a message from a team member who was doing so well with her business (great news!) - but was so busy that she was leaving the team (not great, in fact miserable news!).

Then as I was trying to figure what to do with this blog I got into a chat with another different team member (what can I say - I'm in lots of teams). Anyway! She was wondering too what to do with her blog and we were both thinking of having a giveaway- aka a freebie contest. So that's in the offing and counts as exciting news.

Then there was the usual (these days anyway) trauma's caused by the economy/recession = bad and depressing news.

So I figured todays post should be light hearted  - and cos you're reading this you get to share that. Neat huh? I can tell you're starting to like this blog.

There is a point to the fun today though - well more than one point. For starters we're all adults and being adult means that life isn't always a bag of laughs. Said life during a recession is even worse - ergo we need some fun! It is therapeutic plus a lil bit of insanity keeps us sane.

So I thought I'd introduce someone. She's not a conventional person ... in fact she's not even human. But we don't discriminate around here (Section 75 of the Northern Ireland Act 1998 for those that are interested) and she is very much a part of every day life around here.  She will also be making guest appearances from time to time and you will need to be able to recognize her - if you want a freebie that is!

For now all you need to do is get acquainted. Her name is lil zombie maura and she was created by the lovely and talented susarto

She was adopted last November and has turned out to be quite a character! Right now she is looking forlornly outside at the rain and wondering where the sun went ... so at least I know where she is. She is also a bit shy - I think it's just her age though. Anyway, she is all delighted at the thought of being featured today and slowed my whole day up by vetting which photo's I could use. Vain - did I mention she was vain?!

Like I said she will be helping me with a giveaway soon - so take a good look and make sure you will be able to recognize her. And also for those times you may need to run in the other direction - like during a full moon when she reverts to kind and gets kinda scary! Anyway - here she is is being good and reading the paper.