Friday, 11 May 2012

Finding a Voice

This is gonna be an exercise in self motivation and probably akin to contemplating my navel - but the thing is I keep coming back to this blog thinking I must write something - must energize this blog - must do something to get myself seen back online and must find a way to try and bring in some sales. And then I sit and think and think and think and look for inspiration a la google with obscure search sentences like "songs that inspire you to overcome obstacles".  

Eventually the penny drops that there must be things stopping me from doing what I feel must be done. Progress! Cos if I can identify the miscreants (why nots) and name them then maybe I can quit the headless chicken routine and get something done. Sounds like a plan. 

So all of those "musts" are problematic because most days:
I don't feel like writing, or talking, and haven't for a while. But I am good - heck I'm brilliant - at shutting myself off and living in my own wee internal world. So good on fact that I didn't speak until I was almost 4 years old and the first words were a proper sentence - so it's not that I couldn't speak it was a case of choosing not to. (But's a whole other post - maybe some day).

I don't feel energized - and the thought of having to try and energize an inanimate object seems backwards. Like I should try to energize me first- right?
Getting seen online feels like an oxymoron. Nuff said!
Trying to bring in sales - ooooh scary mary time - I need to try and promote myself and my work? See facts above as to why that's kinda difficult.

So ends up this post was an exercise in exorcism as much as self motivation. Now all I gotta do is figure out the next step.

To be continued - or not as the case may be ...