Saturday, 19 September 2009

Taking the Plunge!

Well after much deliberation and a healthy dollop of procrastination I'm venturing into blog world. Be warned - it could get messy! And it could lead to serious huh?itis as you try to follow some of the previously hidden inner working of my mind and general waffling. Yes, I have been known to waffle and go on - just a bit! But anyone who tells you that is one of my nicknames is a fibber!

Anyway! What is this blog going to contain? What is my mission statement? What delights will await the weary world wide web traveller who wanders in from the ether?

That's a good question! In fact it's an excellent question. It is so good that I think I will have to take a rain check on it. But then again it's only right that I don't have an easy one line reply. This is after all nuorganics and as you know an attribute of organic is gradual and natural rather than sudden or forced. I'm talking adjectives here - keep up! So me and my blog will evolve ... in a truly organic fashion.

I guess you will just have to bookmark this page and stay tuned!