Saturday, 12 December 2009

On the 12th Day of Christmas ...

Ok going to round up this years offerings for all you organic loving and savvy shoppers out there and highlight a sample of the wonderful, and healthy, bath and beauty products available from the Etsy Organic Team.  I reckon after all your rushing around you could all do with some R&R!
First up we have Marla of Simple Organic Beauty who makes Organic and fair trade products 'that are your skin's best friend'.

Next we have Holly of Garden Of Holly who makes delectable skin soothers made from Organic oils and herbal infusions that make your skin drool for more!

Gabrielle of Herbfriend has this wonderful Vegan and Organic Whipped Shea Butter a great body moisturerizer:

Jo of Green Springs brings us this enchanting Spicy Love Botanical Perfume perfect for warming up the holidays.

Mary of Herban Lifestyle offers up this delicious Organic Mint Chocolate Chip Lip Balm that you may want to nibble on all season.

Casey and Olga of Mirasol Farm have prepared this lovely Organic Lavender Soap in ceramic reusable bottle that is kind on hands body and face.

And last but not least Amanda of Simply By Amanda has a beautiful array of Organic Soaps that are a great way to start your day. 

So that's it for this year folks!  I had fun checking out all the great shops and promoting team members.  Thanks for all the support and comments.  Wishing you all a lovely peaceful holiday season and I'll see you in 2010!
Stay safe and well :)

Friday, 11 December 2009

On the 11th Day of Christmas

Ah the penultimate day of these features!  I love that word - penultimate ... can you imagine having to say "the day before the last day" instead?  So kudos to whoever termed that word!  My typing fingers and weary brain thank you!

So what goodies are there today?  Surely there can't be even more great items to feature you say?  Oh but there are.  So let's get cracking.

Starting us of today we have Dawanna from the Eco Etsy Team and this lovely Sequoyah Necklace. Dawanna wraps, hammers, oxidizes, solders and tumbles the sterling silver components herself.  I love the uniqeness and natural organic lines in her work and how she uses recycled fine silver and natural high quality stones in her pieces.  Stunning work!

Next up is Sue from the Etsy Organic Team and who came up with the idea of the 12 Days features.  Sue makes the most adorable  eco friendly toys, dolls and accessories!  Check out this super cute Organic Baby Elly Bath Mitten!  How much more fun could wash time be? And I love how she designed these to fit over your hand.  I reckon we all know weans who hate getting their faces washed and this makes for a great fun element in getting the task done!

Time for some art and introducing Dawn from the Irish Rogue Artisans Team.I love this large inks on canvas  Natures Burst of Color painting and all the details like the teeny bugs! It's super vibrant and ready to hang and will add a gorgeous boost of color to any room!  Make sure to check out the other pictures of this in her shop - I had trouble uploading the bigger image of this great piece and the other photo's show the vibrancy better. 

Next up and another Irish Rogues member is Susan.  I love this adorable Curly Q Bay/Toddler Hat knitted in supersoft wool and soy and the umbilical cord.  A winter must for all weans.

Last offering for today are these lovely Snowflakes cards from Alex and member of the Crafty Ireland Team. Alex sells these in sets of 6 and I love the nice crisp graphics!

So last day is tomorrow- kinda sad now about that

Thursday, 10 December 2009

On the 10th Day of Christmas...

Wow can you believe how quickly the days pass?!  Only 3 more days of these features and so many great artisans that can't be fitted in.  But if you've been clicking the team links, as well as the featured sellers, you'll get to fnd them!

Nothing new to report here - other than busy trying to restock for craft fairs.  Two more fairs to go and then I'm going to take some serious downtime :)

Anyway - let's get on with todays featured artisans.

First up are two talented artists from the Irish Rogue Artisans.  You know by now that earrings are my favorite jewelry so let's start off the show with these gorgeous Vintage Handpainted Swingtime Earrings: from the lovely Sarah. I love how she laced the sterling silver chain through the beads - rather than making them simple drop earrings. Being lucky enough to have some of Sarahs jewelry I can vouch for the quality and craft you'll find in all her pieces!

Moving on we have these whimsical and colorful Wee Houses from Iris.  I love her mixed media style and how she combines colors PLUS that she uses recycled MDF from her local builders yard and keeps it from the landfill. Eco, unique and beautiful! Her pieces always make me smile ... and every home should have at least one piece of Irisness.

Staying in Ireland for a bit longer and moving along to the Crafty Ireland Team this lovely Teal Mini Felted Purse was made by Jill.  Beautiful work and holds all the essentials!

More fabric lushness now and this beautiful Handwoven Organic Cotton and Linen Tablerunner from ObeliskFiberArts and member of the Etsy Organic Team. Beautiful weaving (look at the detail) and in a neutral color scheme this will add a touch of decor elegance to any table.

Final offering today is from Katherine - member of the Eco Etsy Team - and are these lovely Recycled Stockings.  Can you believe that these are sewn from upcycled boat sails?! They're selling out fast folks - so better be quick if you want to get one of these fab eco and contemporary stockings to grace your mantle this xmas!

That's it for another day! See you tomorrow and hope you all have a lovely day.  Stay safe and well.

Wednesday, 9 December 2009

On the 9th Day of Christmas...

and hurrah for being back on track! (<< gives self a pat on the back and almost dislocates shoulder! That'll teach me to be smug).

Ok where was I?  Oh yeah - day 9 and on day 9!  After yesterdays long post I'm going to keep it short and sweet today.

First let's head over to see Leslie from the Trashion Team.  Leslie makes the most wonderful upcycled creations!  I'm in awe of her imagination and vision as you will be when you check out her work.  I wouldn't know where to start to describe this unique necklace - all I can say is the picture is just one element of it and you really need to check out the other photo's to see it in all it's magical charm!

Next up is Karen from the  Eco Etsy Team and  and these opulent vintage satin moire Sachets.  Karen made these from vintage remnants from her bridesmaids dresses. Your lingerie drawer is just crying out for these with their beautiful Provence lavender scent.

And I just have to show you this beautiful brooch made from the same fabrics - isn't it just divine!?

Next up is the ever talented Meg from the Irish Rogue Artisans.  You'll find an eclectic array of delights in her shop - she is probably the most productive person I know!  It is so tough to try and just feature one of her creations but I adore her series of Thoughts of Love cards. They're just beautiful and speak for themselves! This is another shop that needs a DISCLAIMER!  Bring some supplies with you cos once you start looking you'll be there for ages drooling!

Ok - once you've found you way back here from Megs shop have a look at these super cute knitted Priscilla Mouse wristwarmers from LoveLambie over at the Crafty Ireland Team. Love them!

Last offering for today comes from Lisa and member of the Etsy Organic Team.  Choc full of mineral salts, dried salts and essential oils this wonderful soothing Herbal Foot Soak is just what every pair of feet will thank you for! Love the natural ingredients!

Well that's all folks for another day!  Happy shopping and catch up to you tomorrow!  Stay safe and well.

Tuesday, 8 December 2009

On the 5th -8th Days of Christmas ...

To keep this on track I'm doing a combo feature today ... lets just say I went away for a weekends shopping/leisure break :)

On the 5th day of xmas I decided to plan out the herb and veggie gardens for Spring in plenty of time. So I headed over to the Etsy Organic Team mall and had a look at what fluffnflowers and Herbfriend had to offer.  What I love shopping about with them both is I know I'm getting seeds grown using organic principles and sustainable practices.  Now that's not just great from an environmental perspective but also from the all important taste standpoint.  Remember when fruit and veg had a smell and tasted like they should and not some sort of reconstituted plastic that someone prettied up to look great but sprayed with furniture wax?  Well - no fakes here!

For the herb garden I got some delicious Sweet Basil, Coriander (or Cilantro as it's called over the pond) and Dill from herbfriends shoppe:

Then a hop and a skip over to fluffnflowers where I settled on some hot Cherry Pepper seeds, some Buttercrunch Lettuce and some lovely sweet citrusy Hillbilly Tomato seeds. Yummy!

Now that's what I call a good days shopping!

On the 6th Day of Christmas I found these adorable Best Friend Forever bracelets from Kim over at the Eco etsy Team. How cute are these?! I love the idea of 2 people each wearing their half of the friendship heart and thinking of the other each time.

There was such a great selection in the team and I also got this eco friendly, functional Kindness in Flight Wrist Cuff Wallets from Mary. I love the screenprinted design and sentiment on these!  Make sure you click on the last photo on that listing to see just how much you can put in this cuffs secret pocket! Genius idea!

Next day - the 7th Day of Christmas (you are keeping up right?) I was off and about with a bounce in my step cos I was heading over to the Irish side of town and the Irish Rogue Artisans stores.  

First stop was Susan and a chance to look  around her new art gallery.  I was already a happy owner of some of her prints and art magnets and was dying to see more of her art!  I wasn't disappointed as her work is awesome! Difficult as it to pick just one piece to share with you here I've opted nonetheless for this wonderful Muscles of the Face assemblage. I'll not even attempt to analyze or categorize this - I'll just let you savor it yourselves in all it's majesty!

Dragging myself away I headed over to see Cathy and her marvelous papercuts and Scherenschnitte creations.  Totally fell in love with this beautiful Inspiration Rose - isn't it beautiful:

Day 8 found me back on the Irish side of town and this time whetting my senses in the Crafty Ireland shops.  Now you may not already know this but I'm a sucker for earrings and I love the intricacy of handmade lampwork beads.  So as you can imagine, I was like a pig in muck (or in seventh heaven for those of you with a more genteel turn of phrase) in lightkeepings shop.  Like all the artisans featured daily this is another shop you'll get lost in and end up drooling (so bring a hankie). Today though I'm just going to give you a teaser with these gorgeous Evening Rose earrings:

Last stop of the day and to round of the marathon shopping trip was redpossum and her lovely children's wear. Spoilt for yet more choice I figured this cute Ruffle Herringbone Cape was just the thing for my friends wee girl for xmas.  She's an active wean who doesn't like to be hemmed in and this will be perfect to keep her warm without smothering her! Now if I can order one of those in an adult size - and with the youthful complexion - please :)

So there you have it and my but you have all been so patient in reading todays extra long post.  Now you know why I didn't send a postcard ... but I was thinking of you all - honest!

See you tomorrow and stay safe and well!

Monday, 7 December 2009

On Groundhog Day ...

which is the 4th Day of Christmas revisited really ...Confused?  You will be. All youse that can remember the series Soap will know that one.  For the younger'uns that are going huh?  just let it pass and save yourselves a headache ;)

Before getting onto the features just a progress report that the craft weekend went well. So that was good and now I need to hop too and make more stuff to replenish some stock for this weekends event.  Onion transformation pictures hopefully along the way some day this week.

Anyway!  Back to business and keeping it short and sweet lets see what treasures we have for your delectation.  Given that all the sellers are online I thought it would be good to feature cool and unique items that won't break, or break the bank, shipping them from one part of the globe to the other.

First up is Mara from the Trashion team and this cute Vintage map pin of Central America: 

Mara has heaps of vintage maps from around the globe so give her a shout of you fancy one of these for someplace different.

Kids would love one of these  and it's a great way to get the re-use/re-cycle message across!

Some super cute Healthy Happy Little Feet booties now from Mateja and the Etsy Organic Team:

Mateja has lots of adorable organic knits plus some of these booties are on sale = fantastic bargain!

Magdalena from the CraftyIreland Team next has free shipping on her delightful Stained Glass Suncatcher:

Her prices start as low as $8 up - so something to suit all pockets.  I just love this Celtic Dragon and picture the fiery colors of this with the sun catching it!

Last, but not least, is this gorgeous Handcrafted Buddha Card from Carol a member of the Irish Rogue Artisans:

I have 2 of these in different colors and they're perfect framed.  Carols cards are always immaculately finished and top quality.

Hope you enjoyed checking out these great artisans shops! Stay safe and well and see you again tomorrow.