Friday, 11 December 2009

On the 11th Day of Christmas

Ah the penultimate day of these features!  I love that word - penultimate ... can you imagine having to say "the day before the last day" instead?  So kudos to whoever termed that word!  My typing fingers and weary brain thank you!

So what goodies are there today?  Surely there can't be even more great items to feature you say?  Oh but there are.  So let's get cracking.

Starting us of today we have Dawanna from the Eco Etsy Team and this lovely Sequoyah Necklace. Dawanna wraps, hammers, oxidizes, solders and tumbles the sterling silver components herself.  I love the uniqeness and natural organic lines in her work and how she uses recycled fine silver and natural high quality stones in her pieces.  Stunning work!

Next up is Sue from the Etsy Organic Team and who came up with the idea of the 12 Days features.  Sue makes the most adorable  eco friendly toys, dolls and accessories!  Check out this super cute Organic Baby Elly Bath Mitten!  How much more fun could wash time be? And I love how she designed these to fit over your hand.  I reckon we all know weans who hate getting their faces washed and this makes for a great fun element in getting the task done!

Time for some art and introducing Dawn from the Irish Rogue Artisans Team.I love this large inks on canvas  Natures Burst of Color painting and all the details like the teeny bugs! It's super vibrant and ready to hang and will add a gorgeous boost of color to any room!  Make sure to check out the other pictures of this in her shop - I had trouble uploading the bigger image of this great piece and the other photo's show the vibrancy better. 

Next up and another Irish Rogues member is Susan.  I love this adorable Curly Q Bay/Toddler Hat knitted in supersoft wool and soy and the umbilical cord.  A winter must for all weans.

Last offering for today are these lovely Snowflakes cards from Alex and member of the Crafty Ireland Team. Alex sells these in sets of 6 and I love the nice crisp graphics!

So last day is tomorrow- kinda sad now about that