Monday, 7 December 2009

On Groundhog Day ...

which is the 4th Day of Christmas revisited really ...Confused?  You will be. All youse that can remember the series Soap will know that one.  For the younger'uns that are going huh?  just let it pass and save yourselves a headache ;)

Before getting onto the features just a progress report that the craft weekend went well. So that was good and now I need to hop too and make more stuff to replenish some stock for this weekends event.  Onion transformation pictures hopefully along the way some day this week.

Anyway!  Back to business and keeping it short and sweet lets see what treasures we have for your delectation.  Given that all the sellers are online I thought it would be good to feature cool and unique items that won't break, or break the bank, shipping them from one part of the globe to the other.

First up is Mara from the Trashion team and this cute Vintage map pin of Central America: 

Mara has heaps of vintage maps from around the globe so give her a shout of you fancy one of these for someplace different.

Kids would love one of these  and it's a great way to get the re-use/re-cycle message across!

Some super cute Healthy Happy Little Feet booties now from Mateja and the Etsy Organic Team:

Mateja has lots of adorable organic knits plus some of these booties are on sale = fantastic bargain!

Magdalena from the CraftyIreland Team next has free shipping on her delightful Stained Glass Suncatcher:

Her prices start as low as $8 up - so something to suit all pockets.  I just love this Celtic Dragon and picture the fiery colors of this with the sun catching it!

Last, but not least, is this gorgeous Handcrafted Buddha Card from Carol a member of the Irish Rogue Artisans:

I have 2 of these in different colors and they're perfect framed.  Carols cards are always immaculately finished and top quality.

Hope you enjoyed checking out these great artisans shops! Stay safe and well and see you again tomorrow.


  1. Fantastic picks once again, Maura! Looking forward to following all your xmas features. Hey don't forget to include one of your own in here, Missus ♥

  2. Yeah Ruby, she certainly ought to! Great picks again Maura.

  3. great stuff maura! i'm looking forward to reading the fifth day on the sixth day ;)
    i'm glad you took a break for yerself.

  4. Maura, I was gonna tell you what cool stuff you have today, and then you went and featured one of my cards, too. Thank you so much!

  5. Thanks all for visiting and commenting! I'm enjoying being able to feature everyone.

    Hmmm featuring myself - yeah I could use some self marketing skills - guess you could say I'm a marketing wallflower!

    Sus lol! Yep day 5 on day 6! You wouldn't half know you were on an Irish peeps blog huh?!