Thursday, 10 December 2009

On the 10th Day of Christmas...

Wow can you believe how quickly the days pass?!  Only 3 more days of these features and so many great artisans that can't be fitted in.  But if you've been clicking the team links, as well as the featured sellers, you'll get to fnd them!

Nothing new to report here - other than busy trying to restock for craft fairs.  Two more fairs to go and then I'm going to take some serious downtime :)

Anyway - let's get on with todays featured artisans.

First up are two talented artists from the Irish Rogue Artisans.  You know by now that earrings are my favorite jewelry so let's start off the show with these gorgeous Vintage Handpainted Swingtime Earrings: from the lovely Sarah. I love how she laced the sterling silver chain through the beads - rather than making them simple drop earrings. Being lucky enough to have some of Sarahs jewelry I can vouch for the quality and craft you'll find in all her pieces!

Moving on we have these whimsical and colorful Wee Houses from Iris.  I love her mixed media style and how she combines colors PLUS that she uses recycled MDF from her local builders yard and keeps it from the landfill. Eco, unique and beautiful! Her pieces always make me smile ... and every home should have at least one piece of Irisness.

Staying in Ireland for a bit longer and moving along to the Crafty Ireland Team this lovely Teal Mini Felted Purse was made by Jill.  Beautiful work and holds all the essentials!

More fabric lushness now and this beautiful Handwoven Organic Cotton and Linen Tablerunner from ObeliskFiberArts and member of the Etsy Organic Team. Beautiful weaving (look at the detail) and in a neutral color scheme this will add a touch of decor elegance to any table.

Final offering today is from Katherine - member of the Eco Etsy Team - and are these lovely Recycled Stockings.  Can you believe that these are sewn from upcycled boat sails?! They're selling out fast folks - so better be quick if you want to get one of these fab eco and contemporary stockings to grace your mantle this xmas!

That's it for another day! See you tomorrow and hope you all have a lovely day.  Stay safe and well.


  1. Thanks so much, Maura!
    That wee felted purse was my very first attempt at felting, actually. I used both wet and dry techniques, and it's one of a kind. Thanks for showing it off! :)

    In gratitude,
    Jill (BlueSerendipity)

  2. oh!!! i have irisness AND sarahness at my house!!! love them both :D
    you know some talented people, maura! great finds again!!!

  3. All your art is alsome ..i love your stockens vey nice , the necklace is very nice it is for sell I really like the Asian earrings .....

  4. Jill- it was a pleasure to show the purse off- I love it!
    Sus - with you n all the ness in house grrat isn't it :)
    Mary - thanks for looking and your kind comments.

  5. Lovely collection today, Maura. I love that Wee Houses uses the MDF board in her work. The hand woven table runner from ObeliskFiberArts blows me away - beautiful!

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