Thursday, 3 February 2011

Happy Imbolc!

Spring is offically here - well in the Celtic calender anyway it is.  Though you wouldn't think it if you were here with the lashing rain and wind howling all day :)

February1st is Imbolc  - a day dedicated to the Goddess Brigid who would later become known as Saint Brigid following the introduction of Christianity to Ireland (and the 2nd most loved saint after St Patrick).
In a nutshell today we celebrate the coming of Spring and new life. It's a time of fresh starts and where the tradition of spring cleaning stems from.

I found this wonderful depiction of Brigid from mega talented artist EmilyBalivet who kindly gave me permission to use it today. Thanks Emily!


May the seeds of your dreams and hopes for the rest of the year that you plant today bring forth a cornucopia!



  1. Happy St Brigid's day (and my name's day!)

    What a cool Brigid picture - a very powerful woman!

    Here's to new beginnings!

  2. Thanks B!

    And yes the artwork is brilliant - so pleased Emily let me use it. You should check out her other pieces - awesome!

  3. Happy Imbolc! I hope the goddess of spring cleaning taps me on the shoulder!

  4. Happy Imbolc Maura, though I'm late. I only WISH Spring were closer, February is our snowiest month here and we've already had five feet, ten-and-a-half inches of snow {according to the weatherman the other night}. We'll be lucky if it melts by May. Oh, I am DONE DONE DONE ! I need green and birdsong.

    Thanks for the lovely reminder that Spring IS coming !

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  6. Quirk if the spring cleaning goddess passes your way send her here next - she is sorely needed.

    Croi that is a lot of snow! Where abouts are you?

    And yes Spring is on her way - saw some snowdrops yesterday already!

    edited out the typos


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