Sunday, 18 April 2010

Earth Week Countdown Day 3

Happy Sunday! 

Nippy here today and wondering when I will be able to turn off the central heating. There is a lot to be said for living someplace with warmer weather and having lower fuel bills is one of them!  Maybe I will hit lucky on the lottery and make my dream of a living in an off the grid house with its own well and enough land for chickens, 2 goats, vegetable plots and an orchid a reality.

But enough of the day dreams – let’s get grounded with some real and earth friendly products – that won't break the bank.

Today I’m going to show off some re-repurposed everyday items that have been re-modelled into something new.  First is this functional card holder made out of re-cycled neckties:

At only $12 it was already a bargain but because Sandra is also taking part in the Trashion team Earth Day sale you’ll get a 20% discount refund this week.  As we say here you can’t beat it with a big stick!
So now that you’ve saved yourself a few extra dollars you can treat yourself, or a friend, to a gorgeous melted media pin like this from the lovely Rhonda aka oddartist: 

I love the pearlescent tones and delicate aqua color of this series of pins – all made from re-cycled cd’s.  And as a bonus Rhonda is also offering a 20% discount through this month!  
Final offering of the day is this funky recycled ring from Tammy over at junck.  

Tammy makes a variety of earth friendly jewelry using recycled gift cards and credit cards – and I love that each piece of the ring moves independently.  Gives a whole new dimension to those of us that like to play with their jewelry :) and at only $4.50 special sale price how can you resist?!

Well that’s all for today - I reckon you're all keen to spend more time checking out the other fab offerings from these sellers – so I’ll not keep you back any longer. And remember if you want to find more Trashion team items and fab bargains for this weeks sale check out all the participants at :

Have fun and see you tomorrow with more earth friendly finds!

Stay safe and well!

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