Wednesday, 2 December 2009

On the 2nd Day of Christmas ...

Ready for more goodies from independent artisans?  Got yourself a cuppa and sitting comfy?  Ok then without further adieu ...(drumroll) Let the Show Commence!

First item today comes from Mary at herbanlifestyle and member of the Etsy Organic Team and her Herban Lifestyle Man Grooming Gift Set.

Organic ingredients and unique fabulous natural scents.  For the aftershave Mary uses organic orange essential oil, bay and cloves (among other secret scents) - and a host of essential oils including pine, sandalwood, tea tree and orange in the other products.  Think earthy, warm, manly.

Aside from all that - which is enough in my opinion to buy it - what I also love about this product if you're buying it for that special guy in your life is that it's a two way win win deal.  How do I figure that?  Well think about it ... he smells great, feels great after using the products, and his face will be smooth as a babys derriere - so he's gonna be in a great mood. You get to be with a sweet smelling, affable and non razor burning kissable guy :) So ok- you prefer your guy rugged and unshaved?  (I can tell some of you are contrary!).  Well then you get to bag some neat shaving oil all to yourself. Win win!

Now you've got your guy in a good mood how about adding this beauty from Susan aka RedBessBonney and member of the Irish Rogue Artisans to your xmas wish list.  Susan does a fabulous range of chainmaille jewelry and this gorgeous Evergreen Chainmaille Bracelet with it's stunning colors and millefiore clasp is just one example.

I'm lucky to have a couple of her chainmaille pieces and first thing I want to say these are incredibly lightweight- almost featherlight in fact!  And the movement in chainmaille makes for a very pleasant tactile experience - if that doesn't make me sound too weird?  But if you like to play with your jewelry- you'll love the feel of this. And did I mention the millefiore clasp already?  I love that clasp and the thing is that many would see the clasp as a practical component and not give it much thought.  But Susan gives you this marvelous clasp that compliments the chainmaille beautifully!  That shows perfection and love of, and in, your work.

Ok, dragging myself away lets move on to our 3rd equally delightful offering this morning and I think it's time to feature some clothing.  This elegant and versatile Regency styled Eco Fleece Duster Jacket comes from Christine aka windyhillfibers and member of the Eco Etsy Team .  

I love that it's made out of eco fleece from recycled pop bottles! Plus fleece is so cosy and easy to care for - very important when it comes to laundry matters!  Great for everyday casual wear I can also picture this worn over that lil black dress for a night out and showing off it's stunning sleek lines.  Once again the details are perfect ... the way the cuffs curve down over the hands is a lovely touch stylistically.  The bodice hook and eye closures and crochet neckline are lovely finishing touches and the whole line of the jacket with it's slighty puffed sleeves makes for a great silhouette.  Another one for the wishlist I think!

But to keep on track lets move on to the next product.  Seeing as how we mentioned the importance of laundry care these Upcycled Dryer Pillow Sheets from Jane at zjayne and member of the Trashion Team are a fragrant laundry accessory must-have! Whew try saying that after a hard days work!

These tick so many boxes! Sewn from upcycled tshirt sleevs and filled with home grown lavender buds you can reuse these time after time for wonderful scented laundry with a calming effect.  You did know that lavender is renowned for it's calming properties - right? I also like to use these in wardrobes and drawers instead of synthetic counterfeits.  Why chose chemical fragances when you can get the real deal!  Treat yourself and your clothes to some lavender love and watch the smiles as the relaxing vapors waft through the air.

On to the last item today and Tanya from Tanyamac and the Crafty Ireland Team. Yes - you heard me right - Tanya as per Tanyamac and her delightful Cranberry pop Paper Bauble Set that was featured in the Irish Times last week!  

These whimiscal and colorful baubles are another item that is flying off the shelves though I am reliably informed that Tanya is working like a Trojan stocking the shelves as soon as they empty.  So if the link gives you a dreaded SOLD sign fear not!  She will be working away and will have more lsted quick as a flash!  Or check out the other color options she has.  Guaranteed to bust winter blues these look fab anywhere.  Love them!

So we come to end of another post and more goodies.  Hope you enjoyed ... and remember everything you've seen has been lovingly and painstakingly hand crafted :)  See you tomorrow!  Stay safe and well.


  1. Oh Maura you are gas!!! I'm really one of santa's elves in disguise - these baubles just magically reappear with the flick of my mouse! I'll be making lots more so if anybody wants some just holler! ;D

    Love this feature - will be checking in daily to see your latest pickings!

  2. i love looking at all your pics, maura! great day 2!!! :D

  3. Looking forward to tomorrow :))))))))))))))
    Just to let you know, I'll be up and about sipping my coffee wanting to read your blog at about...say...6-ish????

    fabulous stuff you got there again, have hearted someone I should have hearted a long time ago...

  4. Thanks for the suport girls!

    Tanya you're more than welcme - your work is lovely!

    6am?! Not a chance it takes me on average 3 hours to write these up what with a possessed keyboard and brain freezes!

  5. Beautiful blog post and items -- lots of talent amongst your team mates!

  6. What a great gift guide! I will definitely do some shopping based on your recommendations! And thanks so much for including my men's grooming set -- I love the writeup :)

  7. Great picks again today, Maura! Love those baubles!!!

  8. I'll be reading every day - need some good ideas for my little family. I LOVE ZJayne's lavender sachets.

  9. Keep Calm and Recycle On! What a riot!

  10. So impressed, Maura! What great picks...looking forward to the Yuletide Fayre!